I’ll update soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Hazel,

Today was a wonderful day! I spent the day with 10 of your cousins and 9 of your aunts and uncles. 

That does not include the other 6 cousins and 4 aunts and uncles that live far away. 

I created a Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt for the all the kids. They had to look for things like bark, oak leaves, bird feathers, flat rocks and all kinds of other cool things. Once they found them they had to create a forest on a paper plate with all their treasures. 

Then we made turkey cookies with sugar cookies as the base, coated with frosting, candy corn for feathers, sno caps for eyes, and licorice for the gobbler. 

I look forward to the day that you can run and play with your cousins. 

I hope and pray (very hard) that next year you and I will be a lot closer than we are today. 


Please Join Me …

Rethink Christmas with me.

What do I mean?

The story of Christ’s birth is a subversive story of an upside-down kingdom. It’s a story of promise, hope, and a revolutionary love that is still changing the world to this day. So, what happened? What was once a time to celebrate the birth of a savior has somehow turned into a season of stress, traffic jams, and shopping lists. And when it’s all over, many of us are left with presents to return, looming debt that will take months to pay off, and this empty feeling that we somehow missed its purpose.

Is this what we really want out of Christmas?

What if Christmas became a world-changing event again by turning our focus back to the birth of Christ? What could happen to your family if this focus was celebrated in loud, bold and totally unexpected ways? What if you could actually trade your season of stress for a season celebration and unbelievable memories with your friends and family? What if all of this could save a life at the same time? It can. http://www.adventconspiracy.org/

Three years ago I made the decision to rethink Christmas. 

Inspired by Adoption

I donated my very first collage to this online auction for Chinese orphans. I couldn’t believe the interest in this piece. It sold for $45.  It’s inspired me to do more collages.  

I created this piece early this year. I made it for Hazel’s room. After I finished it I loved it so much I want to do more. So, I ordered a whole bunch of canvases, Asian charms, coins and ephemera. I’m ready to make more. 

I have another one finished.  It’s similar but different. 

Over the years I’ve given a lot of my artwork away to friends or family. I’ve never tried to sell it.  

Let me know if you’re interested I’d seriously consider making more collages and selling them. I think $30 is a fair price for this size. 

I’m Baaack!

I went missing for awhile. Actually a long while; 4 1/2 months to be exact. 

I thought it fitting to return to blogdom with a pimped out blog. 

Diana did a great job. Please click on over and hire her to pimp your blog! 

Why did I go away and why did I come back? 

 Stick around. I’ll tell ya later. 

This n’ That

This is a catch- all post. 
  • I had a great week with my niece. Elizabeth, I miss you terribly!
  • This past week I have been sicker than I have been in a long time. I had to rearrange some very important travel for work. I have spent the last 3 days on the couch coughing up my lungs and I have vertigo!
  • With a lot of couch time I have been doing some math regarding referrals. (OK ~ me and math ~ dangerous)

Here are my findings:

There are 234 referral days (current referred to 01/0 9/06) until my LID of 9/1/06.

If the average referral batches are:
  1. 30 days of referrals that’s another 8 month wait = a true miracle
  2. 15 days of referrals ~ 16 months = a wish and a prayer
  3. 10 days of referrals ~ 23 months = more realistic –  not probable
  4. 7 days of referrals ~ 33 months = if  the next 2 months are only 7 days of referrals I’m trading the 4-door for a another convertible, forget I’m adopting, save for a vacation and enjoying the next 3 yrs as a single girl (wink-wink)
  5. 5 days of referrals ~ 46 months = most likely scenario and is causing me to reconsider a concurrent adoption
The above thinking is my brain on 6 days of Nas0nex, Tri@minic and &udafed. Perhaps after the fog clears I might seriously pursue scenario #5. I’m not sure my propensity for guilt will allow me to pursue scenario #4

Medicine Head signing off and back to the couch!

Oh the Irony!

Let me interrupt April Fool’s Day to report 19 down.

For Jules

The package arrived Wednesday!! I video the grand opening. I will post here soon.  I haven’t been able to prep the raw footage and load it on YouTube and then post here.

It’s been a loooooong week and when you see the video you will see the package arrived exactly when it was suppose to. 

My niece Elizabeth, who is 11, is on her way from Nashville, via $outhwest. She is arriving in 2 hours. 
Sooooo much to do before Niece Bethie gets here. I am bravely taking next week off in the middle of a huge project. YIKES!! 

Jules, you have made this wait for Hazel wonderful. The gifts keep it real. And you made me feel very special. No one gets enough of feeling special and for that words can not express my gratitude. I am forever grateful. I am so glad you are apart of this journey. 

Beth (in the next 24/7 I’m going to be exclusively Aunt Bethie)

PS Later today I am taking my princess to the ballet. I’ll be posting pics and vids of our week together. 

Happy Easter Hazel!

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Eighteen Down ~ How Many More To Go?

I have been saving this little ditty for the 18 month LID anniversary. Once upon a time when my agency still thought the wait would be less than 12 months. I called them to find out about my 1-797C renewals. I was concerned, because the rumors where indicating a 36 month wait for 2006 LIDs. That meant 2 renewals and lots more money. They kindly and confidently assured me the wait would never reach 18 months and I didn’t even have to think about renewing at all.

OK, 12 months have come and gone. I have done my first renewal. Where’s my baby?

Ignorance is not bliss in this case.

I am peeking over the top of my rose colored glasses and I see the 2nd renewal in August ’09 and a late 2009 referral.

(I love my agency. I know that they never intended to miss guide me.)

On the lighter side, my friend Cindy will be seeing her baby’s face in the next few months. WOOHOO